The 113 Project Team returned to Japan from July 26th until August 13th, 2014 and recorded some of the region's major festivals, interviewed local residents and small business leaders as well as strengthening both old and new relationships with community members.

Thanks to all of your support, we reached--and surpassed--our goal!! Many thanks to each and every one of you for contributing to The 113 Project. This project would not taken life without your support, and we truly appreciate it. You are all Tohoku tomo: friends of Tohoku.

We have just begun to sift through the footage collected while in Japan last month and cannot wait to share these stories with you. Here are two previews of the new Tohoku tomo you will meet:

Mr. Sato is a 59-year-old seed shop owner in Rikuzentakata. His home and business were destroyed in the tsunami, but he has forged on, rebuilding everything that he has lost. He devotes energy to healing his heart and the hearts of his community through his self-published book that recounts the tales of that day and the recovery process since.

Mr. Yasutada Onodera owns multiple coffee shops with the main branch in Kesennuma, a coastal town that was almost entirely wiped off the map by the tsunami. Although he is passionate about coffee, Mr. Onodera is even more passionate about his community and rebuilding for the future.

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In the upcoming months, we will be working hard to complete this short film series and continue pushing forward with the mission of the 113 Project.